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International Mortgages & Overseas Loans. .









International mortgages & overseas loans.

If you're buying a home abroad  we can help you secure an international mortgage or overseas loan.

Through our close links with international mortgage underwriters we can access overseas mortgages for property in over 25 countries, including all the popular destinations. Our fully independent lender connections mean that you'll be able to take advantage of some exclusive mortgage loans and extremely competitive lending terms.

Australia Mortgages New Zealand Mortgages South Africa Mortgages Dubai Mortgages Israel Mortgages Cyprus Mortgages Greece Mortgages Malta Mortgages Bulgaria Mortgages Italy Mortgages Switzerland Mortgages Poland Mortgages Portugal Mortgages Spain Mortgages France Mortgages Ireland Mortgages Caribbean Mortgages Mexico Mortgages Florida Mortgages USA Mortgages Canada Mortgages

Pre-inspection international mortgage qualification.

If you're thinking about flying out to view a property, we can arrange a pre mortgage qualification which gives you important information about how much you can borrow and overseas loan rates. This simple process will not cost you anything and it could save you time and avoidable travelling expense

Being armed with all the relevant information relating to the overseas mortgage may also put you in a stronger position when negotiating on the overseas property purchase itself.

Dedicated overseas loan processing teams.

The mortgage loan application itself is monitored in-house by a dedicated team for each country. These professionals are fully aware of what documentation the mortgage lender or bank requires, and how to present the mortgage application. This means you benefit from a more efficient service and faster mortgage offer.

Access to other vital services.

Our close business contacts means we can help you access a database of other relevant professionals such as lawyers, surveyors, currency exchange and offshore company formation experts. They can offer you personal advice on the practical and legal aspects of financing and purchasing a property overseas.

Overseas mortgages & loans are not regulated by the FCA or arranged via Sesame Ltd.


The information contained within this website is subject to the UK regulatory regime and is therefore restricted to consumers based in the UK and UK expatriates.


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