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SIPP Property.

  SIPP Property Investments.

SIPP  investments

SIPP property

Group SIPP pensions


SIPP Property.

Individuals and syndicates are currently able to purchase commercial property through a SIPP pension.

Since April 2006 a SIPP holder can borrow up to 50 per cent of the value of the commercial property for the acquisition of the property into the SIPP pension

For example, if a suitable commercial property was valued at 300,000, there would have to be at least 200,000 in the pension fund to make the SIPP Property purchase possible.

Many types of commercial property are suitable for SIPP investment. Suitable commercial property types include shops, industrial units, warehouses, offices and even car parking spaces.

A Syndicated SIPP can be a attractive solution where SIPP holders wish to club together to buy commercial property which would normally be outside their individual purchasing power.

Downsides of a SIPP and Important Considerations.

SIPPS are very high risk investments and are suitable for only a few investors. Investors should be willing to risk potentially losing their retirement fund aswell as their business should the business fail. It is vitally important to always seek advice before investing in a SIPP. Investors usually pay higher charges for the benefits of utilising a SIPP

SIPPS Suitability

SIPPS are aimed at people who want to manage their own fund by dealing with and switching their investments when they choose. These schemes are suitable for people who are happy to pay higher charges than most personal pension plans.

SIPPS are geared towards experienced investors with large funds. Investors need to have strong credible business plans and should be happy to tie their retirement plan to their business. SIPPS investors should accept a much higher risk investment strategy knowing that they could lose their retirement fund as well as their business should their business fail. SIPP investors should be happy to pay higher charges compared to most personal pension plans.

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